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About Veggiepedia

Veggiepedia is an interactive web & mobile vegan encyclopedia. We launched Veggiepedia to educate millions and millions of omnivore and vegan-curious consumers all around the world about the health benefits of a well-planned vegan diet, equip them with all the tools they need to make the transition, and also encourage them to live a sustainable & cruelty-free lifestyle in terms of beauty, fashion, home & travel. We want to save billions of imprisoned and tortured animals, take away billions of tons of CO2 and methane from the atmosphere, save billions of trees in rainforests, help people live longer without diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancer or other health problems caused by a meat-heavy diet. Also, a big part of our income will be donated to charities and animal sanctuaries. (Learn more about us.)

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Visit Our Friends

  • Brownble – Expert-created online vegan cooking classes. Choose from a general vegan course, vegan roadmap course, homemade vegan cheese course & more. They have also started their own vegan podcast!
  • Nutriciously – Professional vegan PDF guides, shopping lists, cheat sheets & more designed by a certified vegan nutritionist experienced in helping people switch to a vegan diet. They also have a free email course!
  • Veecoco – Straighforward video classes with experienced chefs who guide you step-by-step through the world of vegan cooking. Learn to be creative in the kitchen with a range of veganized cuisines from all around the world!

Disclaimer: We may earn small commissions from recommending you the vegan courses above. They help us grow our website and save more animals.