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Would you like to learn how to benefit your health, the planet & animals throught diet & shopping? Let Veggiepedia be your guide! Check the best vegan recipes, ingredients, cooking courses, shops, supplements, books, documentaries, websites, FB groups, LI groups, activists, nutritionists & follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

About Veggiepedia

Veggiepedia is your free vegan cooking & shopping guide. We launched Veggiepedia to educate millions and millions of omnivore and veg-curious consumers all around the world about the health benefits of a well-planned plant-based diet, equip them with all the tools they need to make the transition, and also encourage them to live a sustainable & cruelty-free lifestyle in terms of beauty, fashion, home & travel. We want to help people live longer without diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancer or other health problems caused by a meat-heavy diet, take away billions of tons of CO2 and methane from the atmosphere, save trees in rainforests, and save billions of unnecesarily killed animals. Also, a big part of our income will be donated to charities and animal sanctuaries. (Learn more about us.)