Veggiepedia is an interactive encyclopedia teaching the world how to go vegan. Here you can read a bit about Veggiepedia, our mission, our plan, our team, available jobs, you can also find our social media accounts to follow and our contact information on this page.

Veggiepedia’s Mission

We launched Veggiepedia to educate millions and millions of omnivore and vegan-curious consumers all around the world about the health benefits of a well-planned vegan diet, equip them with software tools they need to make the transition, and also encourage them to live a sustainable & cruelty-free lifestyle in terms of beauty, fashion, home & travel. We want to save billions of imprisoned and tortured animals, take away billions of tons of CO2 and methane from the atmosphere, save billions of trees in rainforests, help people live longer without any diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer or other health problems caused by a meat-heavy diet, and prevent a catastrophic pandemic of a mutated bird flu or swine flu. Also, a big part of our income will be donated to charities and animal sanctuaries.

Veggiepedia’s Plan

Veggiepedia will be a one-stop shop for all things vegan. Our unique web & mobile app will contain an interactive vegan leaning academy, the world’s largest database of local vegan grocery/beauty products & brands, restaurants, hotels, recipes, ingredients, courses, books, documentaries, charities, sanctuaries, factory farms, activists, vegan doctors and nutritionists, a social platform for finding veg(etari)an friends & dates, and an intelligent customizable meal planner with a range of original features will help you both turn vegan and stay vegan. Are you an investor? Contact us for our slide deck!

Veggiepedia’s Team

  • Jan – Founder & CEO, Certified Vegan Nutritionist, Software Developer
  • Guillermina – Recipe Developer & Spanish Translator
  • Eva – Designer & German Translator
  • Advisors: Lenka, Stazka, Silvia, Tommy, Haider & many more
  • Join us too – we need a large team to make Veggiepedia happen, so be sure to send your CV to careers /at/ veggiepedia.com! We are especially interested in vegan doctors (diabetologists and nutritional epidemiologists) and certified nutritionists, vegan chefs, vegan influencers, experienced programmers who can make web apps, Android apps, iOS apps, and more.

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