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Read the first couple of recipes by the Veggiepedia team while many more are already being “baked” in our “oven”. Do you want to help us create more recipes? Do you enjoy vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free cooking? We are hiring new recipe makers! Check our contact section for more information and don’t be shy to give it a try!

tempeh with quinoa and iceberg lettuce

Fried Tempeh With Quinoa And Iceberg Lettuce (Vegan)

This is a very easy yet tasty meal I like to make every once in a while. The special taste of tempeh is well-accompanied...
vegan recipe

Fried Soya Meat Slices With Rice And Bell Pepper (Vegan)

This is an easy recipe that doesn’t require too much skill and is very healthy and tasty. Ingredients (3-4 portions) Soya meat slices (slices made of...
tofu pieces with pasta and cheese

Fried Tofu Pieces With Pasta, Cheese and Pesto (Vegetarian)

This is an easy vegetarian meal that is great to cook when you don't fancy a tofu block and want to eat tofu in...
veggiepedia vegan recipe

Chili Garlic Fried Rice With Smoked Tofu (Vegan)

This is a yummy meal that’s great to make in the spring and summer when all the fresh vegetables come out. The best thing...