Crispy Tofu with Stuffed Squash Vegan Snack

Crispy Tofu with Stuffed Squash & Carrot Mayo (Vegan Snack)

Who doesn’t love snacks! Unfortunately, most of the times snacks do not have a healthy nutritional profile, so we wanted to accept the challenge...
soy meat casserole wine mushrooms veggies

Soy Meat Casserole With Red Wine, Mushrooms & Veggies

Among all comfort foods in the word, casseroles always have a special place in our hearts as they are usually prepared by our mothers...
vegan recipe

Fried Soya Meat Slices With Rice And Bell Pepper (Vegan)

This is an easy recipe that doesn’t require too much skill and is very healthy and tasty. Ingredients (3-4 portions) Soya meat slices (slices made of...