Veggiepedia is being brought to you by an emerging team of digital media professionals passionate about protecting the nature and cooking healthy meals. We will be very happy if you join the Veggiepedia team and/or order Veggiepedia’s services.

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Veggiepedia Services

  1. Education on the gradual transition towards a more plant-based diet and on making your lifestyle more sustainable (1-on-1 video chat coaching and more).
    • Reserve your first lesson now: education /at/
  2. Advertising and marketing consultations for your green projects. We can create new visuals for you and place your ads on our websites.
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  3. Consumer information about related products and companies (restaurants, supermarkets, providers of ecological appliances).
    • Coming soon. Inquire at: contact /at/

Work for Veggiepedia!

We are looking for freelance content writers. We would like you to help us create the first wave of healthy recipes and eco-DIYs. Strong photography skills, strong English, a passion for cooking, and a passion for helping the planet are all we need from you!

Even if you don’t think you’re the best cook, writer, or photographer, it’s okay! Neither are we! All we know is that impostor’s syndrome is a real thing.

So, worry no more; simply send us your CV and examples of your content at the email address below because we would be very happy to work with you. If we do start working together, content submissions will be accepted at and paid to your Freelancer account, unless agreed otherwise.

We can only accept a limited number of new colleagues, so be sure to apply early and reserve your spot!

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