VP Crowdfunding Demo Round #1 Complete! Thanks For Feedback! New Round At A Professional Platform Coming Soon!

UPDATE: Our demo crowdfunding round is complete! Thank you so much for your likes, comments, and private feedback! We are now working on a brand new version of our crowdfunding video to upload it on a professional crowdfunding platform. It will be much shorter, better narrated, and a bit less ambitious and more focused. Moreover, we will introduce very interesting REWARDS for your donations. You can check the latest update on this page in the next days/weeks, or you can just ask Jan. Stay tuned!

If you are planning to donate to Veggiepedia, maybe you should wait until we upload the better video to the new platform. That being said, we still accept donations at PayPal donate@veggiepedia.com (Friends & Family), or via a CZK bank transfer to 107-6659230207/0100 or crypto to Veggiepedia.eth, or for an USD bank transfer ($250+) please email jan@veggiepedia .com for donor verification & banking details. 90% of your donations funds Veggiepedia team, recipes, coding, web hosting., etc. and 10% of your donations will go to animal shelters & animal rights organizations. We will mention all donors at Veggiepedia.com unless you tell us otherwise. We will use the name on your PayPal account or name in bank transfer note. Thank you in advance!

Step 2: DM this video to 3 friends + 1 influencer

Please DM the link to this page to 3 of our vegan or veg-curious friends (remember the ALS challenge – pick 3 friends?) and also send this via DM/comments to 1 influencer in the vegan/eco space. Also please share the link to this page or to our YouTube video on your Facebook feed, on Twitter, in your Instagram story/reel/post to maximize the sum we raise in this round and also to hopefully get some media/investors interested.

Step 3: Share a link to boost our SEO

Share a link to Veggiepedia.com or any of our recipes/articles you like anywhere online outside of social media (on your blog, in a forum, on Reddit…) for an SEO boost! More people will find us in search engines in higher positions.


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Want a job? Be sure to message us at jobs@veggiepedia.com if you’re interested in working with us – for free (so far) or for money (maybe in the future)! We are especially interested in vegan doctors (diabetologists and nutritional epidemiologists) and certified nutritionists, vegan chefs and recipe creators, and vegan influencers (e.g. Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers).