Let’s Teach People To Go Vegan & Save Animals!

vegan avocado raw salad indian peas cherry tomatoes recipe
Picture: One of our most popular recipes, Vegan Avocado Raw Salad with Indian Peas and Cherry Tomatoes by Trisha

Do you like Veggiepedia and would you like to help us grow? Are you looking for vegan/green projects to support? We would be very happy if you could send a small amount of money to Veggiepedia via PayPal to our wallet donate@veggiepedia.com. But save some money for other vegan projects too! We are all in this together.

We will use any donations we receive towards growing the Veggiepedia project so that we can save more animals, protect the planet & improve people’s health through our educational activities promoting plant-based eating. We need your help because running, managing and growing a website is not cheap, for example, we need to:

  1. Pay recipe creators to produce more vegan recipes, such as pizzas, burgers or pancakes
  2. Pay nutritionists to write about many more vegan ingredients
  3. Pay vegan translators to translate our recipes to other languages
  4. Pay vegan developers to code new features for our website
  5. Pay for our web hosting, domain name registrations & renewals
  6. Pay for boosting Veggiepedia on social networks and in search
  7. Pay business and marketing advisors to coach our founders
  8. Pay veg-curious people to test Veggiepedia and tell us their opinion

If you’d like to help us with any of these spendings, we want to thank you for any donations in advance! Account: PayPal -> donate@veggiepedia.com.