Donate To Veggiepedia!

We are currently short on funds. If you like Veggiepedia and want to help it grow and reach more people curious about going vegan, we are accepting donations in Ethereum (ETH) at the address Veggiepedia.eth and we are very grateful for every gwei we receive.

The donation amounts we receive are being used for the salaries of our staff / external contributors who are working on:

We strive to give jobs to people from developing countries and pay them salaries higher than what they would receive from local companies. Most of the donations goes toward our contributors, and the remaining part of the donations covers our web hosting fees, website management tools, domain renewal fees, and legal fees.

These donations help us get Veggiepedia off the ground and reach more people curious about adopting a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle who need help on their journey. However, with hard work, in a year or two, we will likely reach the stage at which our website’s traffic will be high enough to cover all our expenses from advertising. At that point, we will stop accepting donations. And once we can afford it, we will donate the whole sum we will have received in crypto donations (and hopefully much more than that) to:

  • Animal rights charities
  • Animal sanctuaries
  • Wildlife protection charities
  • Environmental protection charities
  • LGBTQ+ rights charities
  • Women’s rights charities

Are you interested in supporting Veggiepedia?

Our wallet’s address is Veggiepedia.eth.

Thank you in advance!