3 Meats To Avoid If You Care About The Planet

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Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of the food you eat? Have some of your vegan friends tried to convince you that eating less meat is super-important for the planet? Or have you just seen an interesting article title and clicked on the link to see what it’s about? In any case, welcome to Veggiepedia and welcome to our first article in this series!


1. Beef: Meat with the worst carbon footprint

Did you know that the production of 1 beef burger patty requires as much water as 2 month of showering once a day? Yes, a cow drinks quite a lot of water and lives for several years before it’s slaughtered, and not that much meat is produced from one cow.

You can find this and other shocking and not-so-well-known facts in Cowspiracy and other vegan documentaries.

As for the carbon footprint, …

2. Pork: Also very bad carbon footprint

Pork meat is produced in XXX and in YYY it is ….

LAMB – Maybe you are like, I don’t eat lamb at all – but in XXX country it is consumed quite a lot

POULTRY – Lesser carbon footprint but a high pandemic risk




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