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Are you looking to promote plant-based eating and your vegan/vegetarian products all around the globe? Veggiepedia is an exclusive trademarked-protected brand package ready to empower a global, multilingual e-learning project if acquired by a motivated buyer with sizeable resources. The name Veggiepedia is short, clear, brandable, memorable, and very catchy. Moreover, plant-based diets are not just ethical and cruelty-free, but they are also very healthy and sustainable, which is what matters to most consumers.

Part 1/4: – The Global Domain

First, our super-premium exact-match domain is placed on the world’s most recognized commercial domain extension – the .com. Rated as around 9.1/10 in our last user research experiment, we think it’s clearly the best domain for a vegan e-learning business on the market. If you owned it, it would empower your global English website, you’d share it in your ads and on your social media, and your employees would use it for email, e.g. a CMO named Jane Smith can use

Part 2/4: The Top 25 Key Alt-Language Domains

Second, the Veggiepedia venture should be not just global but also multilingual. That is why it’s essential to acquire all the alt-language/alt-geo domains before domain squatters or local competitors take them. Fortunately, our exclusive Veggiepedia collection already covers the vast majority of the plant-based food market with ready-to-use names:

Veggiepedia.esSpanish – Spain, Mexico & the rest of LATAM
Veggiepedia.deGerman – DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Veggiepedia.frFrench – France, Canada, Africa
Veggiepedia.ptPortuguese – Portugal, Brazil & more
Veggiepedia.itItalian – Italy, Switzerland & more
Veggiepedia.cnChinese – China (1.41 billion people)
Veggiepedia.jpJapanese – Japan (GDP ~$5 billion)
Veggiepedia.inHindi – India & neighbouring countries
Veggiepedia.ruRussian – Former Soviet Union + Eastern Europe
Veggiepedia.krKorean – South Korea & more
Veggiepedia.arArabic – 422 million speakers
Veggiepedia.nlDutch – The Netherlands & more
Veggiepedia.myMalay – Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore..
Veggiepedia.idIndonesian – Indonesia & more
Veggiepedia.vnVietnamese – Vietnam & more
Veggiepedia.phFilipino – Philippines & more
Veggiepedia.pkUrdu – Pakistan & more

Let’s say you own Veggiepedia and wish to focus on European customers speaking German, and the customer hears of “Veggiepedia”. When they type in their browser, they will not see an error page or “domain for sale” page. Instead, because you own this domain, they will be redirected to the website in German which is a translated clone of the English website. Similarly, will redirect users to and so on. Additionally, such a setup will boost the SEO power of the .com domain name greatly.

Part 3/4: Additional domains

Third, we also own the name Veggiepedia in a couple of other alternative domain name extensions such as .org, .net or .io for further protection of the brand:


Part 4/4: The Registered Trademarks

Last but not least, the domains themselves provide strong protection for your brand. However, it is even better if you also own a trademark. Filing a trademark can be a lengthy and expensive process, and the approval is uncertain. Fortunately, we have managed to file and get successfully registered a range of trademarks in key markets. Their approval proves the name VEGGIEPEDIA® is original and ownable. Our trademark portfolio includes:

  • VEGGIEPEDIA® – Registered US trademark – Conquer the whole American market!
  • VEGGIEPEDIA® – Registered EU trademark – Promote Veggiepedia all around Europe!
  • VEGGIEPEDIA® – Registered UK trademark – Important for your UK expansion
  • VEGGIEPEDIA™ – New, freshly filed CZ trademark that can be extended worldwide.

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We are currently deciding whether to turn our experimental micro-site in 1 single language (English) on the .com domain with just 19 recipes into a large-scale multilingual website ourselves or seek a motivated corporate buyer interested in a strategic acquisition deal.

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