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We will be very happy if you follow us on social media, but right now the thing we need the most is more links pointing to our website. Search engines will see the links, visit our website more often, place our website higher in search results and help us reach more vegan-curious people. Social media links don’t count, unfortunately. If you like our content, please share a link to our homepage or any of our recipes, articles or pages on your blog or in some internet forum instead. Thank you in advance!

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Would you like to support the Veggiepedia’s mission and help save poor animals, save the warming and dying planet, and improve people’s health? We are accepting cryptocurrency donations in Ethereum (ETH) at the wallet address Veggiepedia.eth from our most loyal fans and we are very grateful for every dollar we receive. In the future, we will start making money and stop accepting donations and donate all the money back – we will actually be donating millions of dollars to animal sanctuaries, animal rights organizations, wildlife protection organizations, human rights organizations, and so on.

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We need a large team to make Veggiepedia happen, so be sure to message us at jobs /at/ if you’re interested in working with us – for free (so far) or for money (maybe in the future)! We are especially interested in vegan doctors (diabetologists and nutritional epidemiologists) and certified nutritionists, vegan chefs and recipe creators, and vegan influencers (e.g. Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers).