Vegan Raw Salad With Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Raisins & Olives

Vegan Raw Salad With Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Raisins & Olives

This sweet-salty creamy salad is very attractive and delicious to eat. Loaded with a variety of easily available greeny leafy vegetables, it provides your body with the required antioxidants, calcium, vitamins, and iron to improve your immunity, vision, and bone health. The olives and black raisins provide your salad with delicacy and fill up your hunger needs, aid weight loss, and also help your skin look beautiful and young.

Kitchen Tools:

  1. Vegetable cutter (Knife)
  2. Salad mixing bowl
  3. Lime or lemon squeezer (optional)
  4. Spoon to mix the salad

Ingredients (2 servings):

  1. 1 bundle/stuck lettuce (Romaine Lettuce or little gem lettuce)
  2. 1 bundle/stuck bok-choy (Pak-choi)
  3. 100 grams baby-spinach
  4. 20 green olives
  5. Half-cut red bell pepper or red capsicum
  6. ¼ Red/purple cabbage 
  7. 50 grams parsley
  8. 50 grams of black raisins 
  9. 1 tomato 
  10. 1 English cucumber or 2 full garden cucumbers or 2 baby cucumbers
  11. Salt as needed (1 or 2 teaspoons usually)
  12. Vegan mayo sauce 
  13. Vegan tomato ketchup/sauce
  14. 1 teaspoon paprika (optional) or 2 pinches pepper powder (optional)
  15. Pinch of black salt (optional)


  1. Cut the lettuce, pak-choi and add them to the large salad mixing bowl. 
  2. Cut the cucumber into medium sizes and add it to the bowl
  3. Cut tomatoes, purple cabbage, and red bell peppers (red capsicum) and add to the bowl.
  4. Add baby spinach 
  5. Start garnishing by squeezing in mayo sauce and tomato ketchup (as per your needs)
  6. Continue garnishing with green whole olives and black raisins
  7. Cut the parsley leaves and add them to the salad
  8. Add salt as per your need (more or less 2 teaspoons)
  9. If you love spicy, add paprika or pepper powder optionally
  10. 2 pinches of black salt will enhance the taste and provides the benefits of black salt (totally optional)
  11. Mix all and the salad is ready to be consumed.

Tips and Notes: 

Jain friendly (buy tomato ketchup accordingly)

Nutritional Value:

1 serving = 330 g

Item1 serving100 grams
Calories [kJ]1538.1466.0
Calories [Kcal]367.7111.4
Sodium [mg]2286692.7
Saturated Fats[g]30.9


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